Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?
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Getting healthy is a much sought-after ideal. There are good messages all around us (be healthy, have a strong mind, build a strong body, create your very best life) that we hear on a regular basis (thank you, Oprah!). We have access to an abundance of programs that provide steps that can change our lives for the better.

The vast majority of these programs are sound and work well for many people.  They  introduce new ideas that may expand our possibilities and provide new tools. For some people, these tools may be life changing and open the doors to possibilities that were previously unattainable.  However, these programs don’t work for everyone.  And when that happens, participants may wonder why everyone else succeeded and they didn’t.  Sometimes an unsuccessful attempt leads to feelings of failure and inadequacy.  This may create deeper dissatisfaction–the very opposite of the desired outcome.

While I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel–learning from others, and being as knowledgeable as possible on any one given subject–there’s one piece missing in all of these various good programs. That piece is you. You aren’t like anyone else. Sometimes a “template” solution may work for you; if it does, you’re fortunate.  But you come with your own unique set of needs, desires, and motivations.  So your solutions to creating change in your life must include the most important factor of all: your solutions must include you.

Open the door to your opportunity through coaching.

Open the door to your opportunity through coaching.

When you’re intimately involved in the creation of tailor-made systems designed to affect change, you have a much greater chance of success. You’re the expert on yourself and only you hold the answers to who you will be, what you will have in your life, and how you will achieve it.  This is at the core of why coaching works beautifully for so many people.

Unlike some forms of therapy where a problem is diagnosed and recovery is sought, a coaching conversation deals with the present.  It’s the creation of workable solutions that are generated by you.  At times you may discover layers of ideas and solutions you didn’t realize you had in you.  This is another factor that makes coaching so powerful.  Coaching may uncover depths of wisdom you were previously unaware you had in abundance.

Coaching opens to the doors to your own best solutions.  When you create your own answers, the odds are that they will fit your life and your unique situation.  I also believe that it teaches you one of the most valuable and lasting lessons we may ever gain as people. You may learn that you’re able to save yourself, command your life, and make good, solid decisions.  Those beliefs are the cornerstone of most great successes.

Coaching also provides a space where the interaction is completely about you.  With full lives and so many responsibilities to attend to each day, how much of your time is really spent on you?  Just about you and absolutely nothing else?  Having a space that’s completely about you and whatever you wish to address can be powerful, healthy and deeply healing.

As a coach when I’m asked, “Why coaching?”, I am compelled to share that coaching has been one of the most rewarding endeavors in my life.  I’ve had the privilege to witness and nurture the infinite capacity of each and every client. I see such expansive willingness to create joy, success, and a loving self-knowledge.  I’ve watched people do what they thought was beyond them.  I’ve seen them grow into a deep self-awareness that allowed their fears to diminish, their life to expand, and their happiness to explode.  To see all this positive life movement incinerate doubt and fear, this inspires me every day.

Why coaching indeed.

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