Improvement has its time and place- enjoy what is already great!

Working on it

Working on it
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We have an epidemic of focusing on what needs to be improved.  It’s important for us to move forward, grow and learn to adapt to our quickly changing worlds.  Improvement and expansion is a great track to attain happiness and solid self-esteem.  It’s easy to understand why improving what is not working well gets our attention and holds it.  We want our lives to run smoothly.  We want to experience success and pleasure. We want to put our best foot forward and be seen as successful by others.

Why don’t we focus on our best foot then?

Struggle doesn't need to be present for achievement.

Struggle doesn’t need to be present for achievement.

Sometimes I think our culture is one where the belief that we should do all things well crosses a line and we take it too far. Perhaps we don’t need to do all things well.  Perhaps there are areas where our talent and interest would prevent expertise.

There are so many educational opportunities to assist us in problem solving.  It can be beneficial if not knowing prevents us from accomplishing what we passionately wish to acheive.  I think knowing the difference between what is essential to our happiness versus an item we feel should be improved ought to be reexamined. Are we choosing to improve due to our own personal beliefs or due to a larger social pressure to excel?

The next time you choose to give yourself an improvement opportunity consider one that would  fan the flames of what you already do beautifully.  Find excellence for yourself.



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