Be welcoming and open. Your world of possibility exists only if you see it.

Unfold yourself

Unfold yourself
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Gratitude, humility and celebration are important and contribute to my feelings of well-being. To experience any of these fully I need to be open to the world around me.  Gratitude happens when I find myself appreciating small, everyday events. Humility happens when I see kindness, a characteristic I admire in others, or a tangent that allows me to learn. Learning, acts of kindness and admiration for others is a good system of checks and balances that breeds continued learning. There’s enough space for the questions to exist, and happily, that lets me know that I don’t have all the answers.  Nor do I need them right now. I’ll follow the path and get them when they appear.

Love gives us answers when it arrives, act by kind act.  Eye contact tells me a lot about interest, love and willingness. Eye contact is the cornerstone of allowing someone to step inside of you and having a willingness to step inside of them. Are you willing to be seen? Are you willing to step past your own wants and needs to see who someone else truly is? Or will you remain passive, and only enjoy the fantasy of who you want them to be?

If you want to be loved by trustworthy people, you must in turn be trustworthy. Seeing who someone truly is, as they are– not as you wish them to be– is the act of a trustworthy person.

When you have a trustworthy point of view, it generally means you have attained a foundation inside of yourself that allows you to see others fully. You have left room for them to be as they are because you don’t need them to be what you lack. You don’t need them to be your fantasy. You have your own truth and you trust it. Your trust and your knowing of yourself leaves enough room for others to be themselves as well.

It’s this personal foundation which can allow you to be open. Openness and standing clearly in your own truth is the beginning of having your needs, wants and desires met.  Many times we look to another person to provide love and fulfillment. I’m asking you to add to the thought that openness is not only a quality to pursue love. I’m asking you to think about what it means to be open to yourself and to many other possibilities.

I don’t believe the opening of your heart should be a question of if you will unfold yourself to the world but rather a recognition that you must unfold yourself to something and to someone. I’m asking you to pursue living with passion.  I’m asking you to open yourself to the small kindnesses that exist in your daily world.  Follow your delights and your curiosities.  Discover small possibilities and build them into greatness. Be willing to see your world with your heart and not just with your eyes. This is where beautiful full-out, full-on living is found.

The belief that there is goodness in the world has been a driving force in my life even before I really knew anything about myself or how I might want to live. I continually move forward discovering the wild world of possibility–it took me years to learn that discovery is mostly about willingness. It’s also about how willing your heart can be. I’m so fortunate to know what I know, to feel what I feel, and to live the life I have. I’m grateful for a full-life experience–the good, the painful and the heart to move forward continuing to discover what I will unfold myself into next.  I’m willing to be hurt. It’s worth it.  It also means I’m willing to be loved and to love following my passions.

How willing are you to unfold yourself to something and someone–and more importantly, when and how will you do that?

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