About Catherine

I have been teaching educational seminars for over twenty years. My passion for teaching organically evolved into my coaching practice during the mid-90s. My philosophy is that I need to deliver dense amounts of information and then let go! The best education is one that provides options, not conclusions. Being a Success Coach has allowed me to witness my clients succeed and acheive their goals personally and professionally.

Catherine Gross, MCC

Coaching executives and business owners is stimulating. I love participating in the challenge. I have run successful businesses for twenty-plus years. I have a well-rounded education and am happily retired as a vice president of a holding company that ran multiple businesses.

Coaching clients who are relationship focused and/or focused on personal foundations are two of my specialities.  I’ve done extensive work with couples and individuals who sought relief, change and the pursuit of a better life. The first ten years of my practice was primarily focused on relationships and personal development. I have created original models and will continue to dig deep.

I am a Certified Mentor Coach. Coach development is my newest love and I have enthusiastically stepped into this arena with vigor. Developing quality coaches is a calling, and I’m am delighted in pursuing this path. Professionalism is important to me. I trained for five years pursuing my current designation, and I want to provide some of the tremendous opportunities that were afford to me to others.

I’ve been coaching since the 90s. I am fully insured and adhere to best business practices. I have been able to refine my skills in many areas and enjoy a varied private practice. Striving for excellence is a life-long pursuit and a joy.

I split my time between New York and Atlanta, GA for a few decades and now reside in Baltimore, MD and in Dayton, OH when I’m not traveling. I’m an avid reader, deeply enjoy people, and feel blessed to have a full and active life.

I created Perspective’s Program™, a focus program to examine self-esteem, the contributions our past makes in our present lives, and how to move forward carrying less hurt and capitalizing on the resources available in the present.  I’ve presented many weekend seminars over the years including The Ninefold Path Seminar™, Lifelong Service™, and Creation Challenge™.

I have a degree from University of Florida in Psychology, and am a Coach University graduate of their standard and advanced programs. I’ve earned two levels of certification from CoachU, am a Board Certified Coach and have earned three certifications from the International Coaches Federation. I am a Master Certified Coach as well as, a Certified Mentor Coach, and listed in the Mentor Coach Registry of International Coaches Federation.  It’s a great pleasure to partner with coaches.  For more information, please visit my site www.MentorCoachICF.com (in development) or find my listing on ICF Mentor Coaches.

I’m a great believer in quality service. Coaching has professional standards set by the International Federation of Coaches. These standards and the ICF’s Code of Ethics are a worldwide governing body of coaches. As a coach, you may become a member of the ICF by paying a fee: however, to be credentialed by the ICF it could be a multi-year process (depending on level ACC, PCC, or MCC). Many coaching schools offer certification as part of their graduation which can be earned anywhere from in 48 hours to six months. The ICF is an independent worldwide quality control organization.   In seeking a coach, I would highly recommend one who has gone through the rigorous testing and completion of criteria in order to be certified by the ICF. Don’t settle for less! It’s your life, make sure you have access to quality service.

Future Goals
I’ve spent a good deal of my time challenging myself and furthering my knowledge over the past ten years.  I will continue to keep my knowledge current and expand my abilities.

With certification, I must also complete continuing education criteria to maintain my certifications. I’ll continue to expand my knowledge and pass this benefit onto my clients. I am a success coach. It is reflected in my clients and their accomplishments!

Contact me – Let me know where you’d like to go next!