I’ve scaled back on my weekend seminars for one year.  I am only giving seminars for private groups as I’m working on some other goals. I’m deeply enjoying my own creativity! If you’re interested, I need a six month lead time to schedule.

Perspectives Program™

This is a three day program specifically designed to clear out your past and get you moving into your future. We’ll delve into improving self-esteem, the contributions our past make in our present lives and clearing out those pieces of baggage that adversely affect who we are now.

Lifelong Service™

This three hour seminar is specifically for people who are engaged in service oriented professions. It covers specific aspects of these types of job that require aspects of ourselves that may not be present in other professions. We’ll examine key components to engaging healthfully in service professions.

Creation Challenge™

This three day seminar is all about change. Want great models that are easily accessible to figure out what you need to do to change your job, relationship, or life? This is the seminar for you. This intensive builds directly on what we do in Perspectives Program.™