Our Magnificent Flaw


Our Magnificent Flaw
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We live in an imperfect world.  Given these circumstances, there is little we can do other than choose situation by situation what is “good” enough or best.  Many of us sacrifice hours of our lives agonizing over the degrees of what is good enough.  We forfeit energy, time, joy, and knowing the beauty before us because we are second guessing our choices.

The very concept of what is good enough is a necessary one.  We value ourselves well in the choice to use our limited time wisely and expend our energy on worthwhile projects.  However, when this decision making process becomes stressful- this is when we begin to lose the very joys we seek.

Perhaps we become perfectionists- delaying a finish, delaying a kudo for a job well done, and working to perfect something that was good enough all along.  Or perhaps we agonize that we are not good enough for the bounty in our lives.  Sometimes we believe we are somehow not deserving of the very good things we have created.

It is those hours, days, or perhaps even weeks that we lose an undefinable amount of joy. What if those weeks turn into years?  Will we lose year’s of our lives spending time contemplating if what we have to offer is good enough?  Will we lose the ability to be proud of what is fine and beautiful in ourselves because nothing we do can make up for this flaw that renders us not good enough?

life coaching for excellenceIf you step into your life believing that you were flawed and this flaw was magnificent because it leads to all future successful roads, what would happen?  What if each flaw and mistake was a catalyst that motivated you to push a little harder thereby opening the door to a better career, a more grounded relationship, a gentler approach to yourself, your life, and your relationships?  What if those around you instead of criticizing you for your flaws, felt comforted and closer to you because they were now allowed to be flawed and imperfect, just as you are?  What would your life and your imperfections feel like to you then?

Perhaps then even your flaws would have great value and contribute beautifully to your life.  What if mistakes are merely your pathway to learning everything that you need to know to succeed?  What if each mistake is a sign post that you are gathering all the information needed for your next great success?

Our magnificent flaws are the very foundation of forward movement. In accepting flaws and understanding their magnificence we learn that we don’t need perfection, we need production.  We learn that each effort was good enough as it took us one step closer to success.

I hope your next mistake moves you closer to everything you want and need.  I hope you begin to see the magnificence in each flaw and mistake.

Catherine Gross
Copyright 2005