Your Space: Past or Present


Your Space: Past or Present
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Have you really looked closely, carefully examining your space lately? If you looked at your home as a tangible visual map of your inner world, what do you see?  If you touched each item and asked yourself what that item is bringing into your present, is it joy?  Is that item contributing to your health, happiness, and feelings of lightness? Is that item bittersweet?  Do you experience an internal clutching sensation when you touch it? What are these items creating and reflecting currently?

What is your space saying to you?

What is your space saying to you?

Do you see many items from your past?  How much of your space contains your past? Do you see unresolved issues in the form of items?  Do you see intimates you grieved and are holding onto tightly still? Do you see broken pieces of your past hanging out in your present?  How much space are you willing to give to your past right now in your present?

If your past is taking up space in your present, how much room is left for your present to exist?  Do some items now seem oddly out of place?  Are there items you could move, remove, or let go of entirely? Are you willing to make that change from past to present now?

Are you willing to open up your space? If your present replaced the items from your past what would that look like?

I want to invite you to sit with these questions and to clearly embrace your present.  All anxiety is created by living everywhere but the present.  Step into the now-step into your present, be thankful for the past which supported your arrival here, open to the future that may unfold to you like many layers of colored paper surrounding the joyful present you’re delighted to receive.

Catherine Gross
Copyright 2007


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These types of shifts in thinking might change your whole life.  They might bring you an ease previously unknown.  It is these types of shift and perspectives that coaching may bring to your life.  Partner with Catherine and create change that truly serves you and your happiest life.