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  • Buying stress relief: Overworked and overwhelmed

    Everywhere we look there are ads selling us organization. Systems that promise to deliver a new way of doing what you need to do which will make you more productive. New ways of thinking that may give you more time or get you a promotion if only you do x, y, and z. Read More

  • Should you work with me?

    Coaching has been hailed as a necessary vehicle for the savvy and successful by Forbes.  It's not all hype.  Coaching culls superb results due to the extreme care and focus of adhering to the client's agenda.  While consultants will tell you how to do it, consultants don't do it your way.  You need to be part of the solution so you know how you'll execute those solutions. Read More

  • Why Coaching?

    Getting healthy is a much sought after ideal.  There are good messages all around us (be healthy, have a strong mind, build a strong body, create your very best life) that we hear on a regular basis (thank you, Oprah!).  We have access to an abundance of programs that provide steps and know how to change our lives for the better. Read More

Thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you find the information you're seeking. Please feel free to contact me; I'd be happy to talk with you.

I'm a successful coach, and I stay on top of my education. I truly love what I do. I'm interested in people, focused, and possess authentic curiosity.

I have a stunning roster of diverse clients. They're smart, savvy individuals/couples who give themselves the resources they need to live better, happier lives. Together, we find solutions and get results.

I've been in business over fifteen years. My expertise lies in relationships, personal foundations, and business solutions. A varied foundation keeps me enthusiastic and deeply interested in my work. Which in turn allows me to bring a fresh approach to my clients.

Now enough about me-- I'm interested in hearing about you. Let's get to your bottom line together and facilitate the solutions and results you need.

Looking forward to working with you,
  • Be welcoming and open. Your world of possibility exists only if you see it.
    Unfold yourself
    Gratitude, humility and celebration are important and contribute to my feelings of well-being. To experience any of these fully I need to be open to the world around me.  Gratitude happens when I find myself appreciating small, everyday events. Humility happens when I see kindness, a characteristic I admire in others, or a tangent that […]
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  • We make the choice. Relationships are conditional, love doesn't have to be.
    Airport love
    I spend a lot of time in airports. Sometimes I read, sometimes I talk to strangers hearing their stories and sometimes I just watch, open to what I might hear without an exchange. The sister who arrived was overjoyed to see her brother and her father. After a long hug with her brother, his small […]
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  • Improvement has its time and place- enjoy what is already great!
    Working on it
    We have an epidemic of focusing on what needs to be improved.  It’s important for us to move forward, grow and learn to adapt to our quickly changing worlds.  Improvement and expansion is a great track to attain happiness and solid self-esteem.  It’s easy to understand why improving what is not working well gets our […]
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My top ten reasons why a coach is different from a friend:

1. A friend brings their ideas of who they believe you to be. Everything you say comes through the filter of their beliefs about you. A coach doesn't choose who you are for you and therefore will hear you with a broader ear. This opens new possibilities.

2. A coach is not engaged to bring their personal ethical beliefs to your sessions. It means that your sense of ethics, morals and beliefs will prevail.

3. A friend may have a stake in what you choose or what you do. A coach does not. A coach adheres to your agenda.

4. A coach is, ideally, trained and will hear your underlying belief systems, which at times could be limiting your possibilities, and ask questions to further illuminate answers that may previously have been out of reach.

5. Powerful questions (ones that create forward movement) are an art form. Friends aren't always well practiced in this area.

6. Friends sometimes quickly draw conclusions, well trained coaches do not.

7. Friends listen to know you and at times to comfort you. Coaches listen to assist you in your agenda.

8. Friends have their own set of needs they expect you to fulfill in order to be their friend. Coaches don't have expectations of you, which provides a pressure-free environment.

9. Friends will listen to you as they engage in other activities (cooking, texting, eating, etc.). Your coach focuses solely on you, with no other interruptions. You’re more likely to be heard on a deeper level with this unilateral, uncompromised focus.

10. A coaches goal is to create forward movement, deeper understanding and to be with you where you are. A friend’s goal is to be who they are when they are with you.

Get a professional coach certified by an independent standards organization--not one who is certified only by a school they paid for--because it will pay off for you!