Should you work with me?

Is coaching new age jargon or something else?

Coaching has been hailed as a necessary vehicle for the savvy and successful by Forbes. It’s not all hype.  Coaching culls superb results due to the extreme care and focus of adhering to the client’s agenda. While consultants will tell you how to do it, consultants don’t do it your way.  You need to be part of the solution so you know how you’ll execute those solutions.  Someone else’s answer can be wonderful in the short run, but if you want long-term results,  your style, your answers and your expertise will win in the long run.

There isn’t a better set of answers for your business, career or relationships than your own good opinion mixed with knowledge. Coaching is a great way to explore and fully discover exactly what you need and want to do next. It’s the strategic leveraging of your knowledge coupled with new resources that make coaching effective.

Expect to discover more of yourself.  Feel solid in your choices, understand why you made those choices, and clear the way to create your answers.

You work hard— make sure the coach you work with works hard with you!

This is one reason why my education is one of my top-three concerns. I have an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. My clients have a board scope and therefore my interests are equally broad in reach.  I am a great resource who thinks out of the box and can offer solid information for you to integrate into the solutions that work best for you.